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Upgrade Your Ride with Performance Parts

Take it to the next level


Whether you have a Jeep that you like to take off-roading or a sports car that you dream of racing, performance parts can take your vehicle from mild to wild. Check out these popular aftermarket add-ons that can enhance the performance of your car.

To prevent voiding your vehicle warranty, be sure to check to see if modifications are allowed. Also check your local and state laws. Some laws may limit your performance upgrades. Use caution not to negatively impact your vehicle’s emissions.

Cold air intake

Give your engine more power with a cold air intake. Replacing your vehicle’s standard air box and filter with a cone-shaped filter and a plastic or aluminum intake tube will give you gains in horsepower and torque. You might also see improvements in your car’s gas mileage, which can mean fewer trips to the gas station.

Performance exhaust system

Your vehicle’s catalytic converter and muffler are designed to reduce noise and emissions. However, they also prevent your car from getting rid of waste gases quickly and increase back pressure. Back pressure raises your car’s temperature, diminishes power and reduces gas mileage. Installing an exhaust system and exhaust manifold that flows better can get rid of waste gases quicker, improve your car’s power and increase fuel efficiency.


Air filter

Switching out your vehicle’s stock air filter for an aftermarket performance air filter can pay big dividends. By increasing the airflow into your engine, a performance air filter contributes to a more efficient use of the air/fuel combination during combustion. A high-quality air filter can also keep more dirt and contaminants from getting into your engine. An added bonus, many are made from fabric, making them washable and reusable.

Engine control unit & chips

Reprogramming your vehicle’s ECU gives you control to fine-tune a variety of parameters like the air/fuel ratio, idle speed and ignition timing. Installing an aftermarket performance chip in your engine can also help you realize improved horsepower and torque. By using performance chips and programmers, you can not only improve the power and performance of your vehicle, you may also be able to enhance the gas mileage.

Spark plugs


Swapping out the spark plugs will help ensure that you are getting a hot spark to ignite the fuel/air mixture during the combustion process. Switching from copper spark plugs to iridium or performance plugs will help you get a clean spark and a good burn. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s plug recommendation when replacing spark plugs.

Supercharger or turbocharger

Installing a forced induction system on your vehicle like a supercharger or turbocharger is another way to see improvements in power and performance. A forced induction system compresses the air coming into your engine to improve horsepower and torque. Turbochargers work with the exhaust system while a supercharger is connected directly to the engine intake.



Improve the traction and handling of your car with a new set of tires. By upgrading those all-season tires that came on the vehicle, you can transform the ride and performance of your vehicle. Whether you looking to climb hills or go 0-60mph in no time flat, there is a tire out there to help you achieve your goals.


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