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What Goes into Developing Premium Auto Parts?

Quality parts – the foundation of your vehicle

From the brakes that bring your car to a safe stop to the spark plugs that help your engine start each morning, your vehicle relies on premium quality auto parts. These parts work together in perfect harmony to ensure that your vehicle gets you to your destination every time you turn the ignition key.

From design to manufacturing, there are countless hours that go into to the development of each part that is on your vehicle.

Have you ever thought about all the work that is behind each part in your car? From design to manufacturing, there are countless hours that go into to the development of each part that is on your vehicle. You may just see a brake pad, but to the engineers that tirelessly worked on that brake pad, they see hours of work to ensure the safety of you and your family every time you press down on the brake pedal.

Filling a need


Whether it’s the desire for a vehicle to stop sooner or wanting a suspension part to handle the rigors of the road better, identifying a need that isn’t currently being addressed is what many times starts the process of developing a new auto part.

This can come from seeing problems with an original equipment part or from listening to what customers are really looking for in a specific part. This ability to provide problem-solving solutions is what can set a company apart from its competitors in the marketplace.

Research and development


Once a need has been identified, then a team of engineers spend countless hours doing research and development for the new part. Through developing many prototypes and designs using different materials, the engineering research and development team determines the optimum design of the part. This final design strikes the right balance of performance and safety while using quality materials that will give the part durability and a long lifespan.

Testing, testing and more testing


Now that the product has been designed, the testing phase begins. Many part manufacturers feel as if there is no such thing as too much testing – a product can’t be over tested before reaching the marketplace. Much of the testing involves simulating real-life situations to ensure that the part can handle the pressures that will be expected of it on the road.

Other types of testing include tests for strength – how much force the part can take, environmental testing to ensure the part can handle the elements and slow fatigue testing. An individual part may have a series of five or more tests that it is put through to ensure that it is ready for the road.

Through rigorous testing and validation, the end goal is to have a part that is as good as the original equipment part that came on the vehicle or better than original equipment quality.



Manufacturing the product so it can get to the marketplace is the final step in the process. Continually improving and refining the manufacturing process is the hallmark of a successful company. This commitment to excellence shines through as each part rolls off the production line.

Having an engaged group of employees dedicated to delivering quality parts to the consumer is imperative. With employees that treat each part like it’s going on their own vehicle, the customer can feel good about that part being put on their car. Producing auto parts that mechanics, technicians and customers trust without question is the goal of every parts manufacturer.

To the customer


Now that the cycle of developing a product is complete, the product is ready to be put in the vehicle as an original equipment part or it hits the automotive aftermarket as a replacement part that customers can buy at an auto parts retailer.


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