eBusiness Aftermarket
Kontich, Belgium

Her curiosity in cultural development played a role in Kelly Mertens’ joining the European Graduate Program. Growing up in Antwerp, Belgium, Kelly was captivated by how individuals and organizations were influencing new social trends. With a creative eye for business development, she was eager for an opportunity to join DRiV.

Following a six-month internship in Paris during her Masters program, Kelly had an immediate desire to further her international experience. After meeting with a program administrator, Kelly said “I immediately felt at home at DRiV.”

Her main projects involved marketing the brand for DRiV, working on digital activations and building relationships with our customers. Though these are extensive in her career development, Kelly expresses her enthusiasm for what else she will be taking away from the program. “The last two years have increased my confidence in working within a global company. I’ve adapted effective ways to communicate with different cultures from different backgrounds, and different personalities with language barriers,” Kelly said. The program helps graduates find their professional niche, while providing learning opportunities and often getting them out of their comfort zones.

“The mentors and people I have worked with throughout the program inspired my career aspirations. They are dedicated individuals with an incredible work ethic.  I hope to follow in their footsteps.”