Agne’s passion for business management began at a young age while admiring her father in the profession. “As far back as I can remember, I was always interested by my father’s ability to build relationships with suppliers and his artistic way of turning a problem into an opportunity.” Her father’s art of problem solving wasn’t the only thing that led to her degree in Business Management; Agne’s 12-year experience in singing and guitar developed creativity and time management skills she now uses to find solutions in business. As an Information Technology Business Analyst, these skills will help lead to her success at DRiV.

“The European Graduate Program is a great, yet challenging, opportunity. Working in Information Technology has allowed me to learn the DRiV business on a larger scale.” While Agne is confident in her business management background, the EPG has enhanced her learning by involving her in projects in all aspects and departments of the company and processing them from an IT perspective. “I learned that the Information Technology professional’s effectiveness to solve issues correlates directly with how the business functions.”

Agne’s business and IT skills continue to develop at DRiV and many of the reasons come from our people, vision and culture. “The mentors I’ve had for each project have all had the same consistent factors: teamwork, encouragement and support with new responsibilities.” Her most recent project has helped her develop the attitude to transform challenges into opportunities, which she says is key to someone looking to join the program.