Looking Beyond The Back & Forth

We are a global leader in wiper design, technology and production serving various industries worldwide. We do this by leading the way in rubber technology, including extrusion, compression-molded materials and processes utilizing proprietary rubber formulations – all of which have been extensively tested and validated.

Working in tandem

We understand the complex diversity of wiper system applications–from airplanes to tractors to cars. So we pride ourselves on being true partners in this space. Our ability to work with your engineering team, when needed, to find solutions that meet performance and price requirements and can be easily integrated with other system components, is our main job.

Our designs and technologies are driven by the knowledge that wipers are a fundamental and key component in vehicle safety in all weather conditions, and that’s why we’re the clear choice for OEs.

We have solutions for :

  • Light Vehicle
  • Commercial
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Off-road
  • Rail

We offer innovative wiper products in these categories :

  • Aircraft Wipers
  • Commercial Vehicle Wipers
  • Conventional Blade
  • Flat Blade