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We offer a one-stop-shop for engine parts through our respected AE®, Glyco®, Goetze®, Nüral® and Payen® brands. And, with our FP Diesel® programme, we are proud to say that this expertise extends to heavy-duty engines, enabling us to offer a complete portfolio of products to meet the needs of engine rebuilders.

DRiV (Tenneco) offers market-leading coverage and OE technologies, supported by our dedicated New Parts Introduction (NPI) programme.  Our entire range continues to evolve and improve, maintaining our reputation for OE quality parts. The drive to reduce emissions continues and we are offering required engine technologies to the aftermarket. Average engine displacement and cylinder numbers have been decreasing since a decade and this, along with the introduction of stop-start systems, plug-in hybrid vehicles, Euro6 & 7 regulations and many more, presents a number of challenges for the industry to overcome.  Stay up to date and a deep dive into our six Engine Expertise brands.

Goetze OE quality

Goetze®, Glyco®, Nüral®, Payen®, AE® are well respected Global OE engine parts manufacturers, producing and supplying to OEM's, the OE spare parts market and the aftermarket since the beginning of the automotive industry. We supply engine parts to the majority of European car manufacturers for light vehicles, commercial vehicles and off-highway engines.


Engine Expertise brands & product range

  • Goetze®: Piston Rings & Liners
  • Glyco®: Bearings & Bushings
  • Nüral®: Pistons & Cylinder Kits
  • AE®: Valvetrain & Camtrain
  • Payen®: Gaskets and Seals
  • FP Diesel®: Off-Highway heavy duty engine parts


Unique to the brands

  • Trusted OE Partner for over 100 years
  • Premium parts with OE specification, quality and unique technologies
  • Quality excellence & global manufacturing
  • Substantial part of the engine program sourced from DRiV (Tenneco) in-house OE pedigree plants
  • Extensive Engine and Sealing portfolio, including service products to support engine rebuilders’ needs
  • Full commitment to a wide-ranging NPI program
  • Technical labs and R&D centres with more than 50 engine test beds in the Tenneco organization
  • Strong European logistic presence
  • Enhanced Service and Support program by DRiV’s Garage Gurus® team



For over 100 years, DRiV's engine expertise brands such as Goetze®, Glyco®, Nüral® and Payen® have been respected partners supplying the vast majority of the world's vehicle manufacturers.  Since 2018, FP Diesel® has been part of our Engine Expertise® program, dedicated to supplying engine parts for heavy-duty and off-highway applications. 



Outstanding products & technologies



Engine Expertise® components are critical to the overall performance and reliability of automotive engines. Our wide range of excellent technologies provide the engine rebuilder with the quality parts they need to ensure the engine is returned to the customer in top condition.  

A selection of our advanced technologies that help the engine rebuilder do his job right.

  • Nüral®/FP Diesel® DuraBowl®, EcoTough®, G91 and Monosteel® pistons
  • Goetze® GDC®, Carboglide®, LKZ® piston rings
  • Glyco® IROX® & IROX®2 bearings
  • Payen® CORIUSEAL & CORIUSIM gaskets
  • AE® Sodium-filled hollow valves
  • FP Diesel® ML-7 gaskets 
Beral copper free solution


Quick look benefits

Benefit 1

  • One-Stop-Shop for the engine rebuilder

Benefit 2

  • Premium parts with OE Specifications.

Benefit 3

  • Strong European logistic presence





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