Before he became a full-time employee as a marketing analyst, Stephen was a brand marketing and market research intern.  Stephen worked in several departments until he found his niche in marketing.  His first big project involved organizing a car care clinic at DRiV’ Technical Support Center (TSC) in Van Nuys, CA.   “I admit I was a little nervous.  Although looking back, I’m proud the team put that much trust in me.  I knew it was a great opportunity.”

As Stephen explains it, “During my first internship, I was a sponge.”  Stephen came back for a second internship the following year.  The second time around he was able to take what he learned and apply his own ideas.  “I’m capable of more than I ever expected and I have DRiV to thank for helping me realize it.” Stephen studied Marketing and Communications, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree.  He started working for DRiV full-time in 2016.  Currently, he is the Marketing Operations Supervisor managing tradeshows and events throughout the U.S.  “I’m visiting places I would not have had the opportunity to see otherwise.”  Stephen’s experiences as an intern at DRiV are common among our interns.  Our interns are an investment in the company’s future.  Stephen is an example of how that investment is paying off.