Even though she stands just over five feet tall, Danni’s personality fills a room.  “I’ve got a lot of hobbies.  I make music.  I read everything.  I’m learning to write code in my spare time.  I think understanding how to write code will help me with my current job.  I work with large amounts of information stored in databases.  The code is the link between a knowledge repository and actionable information."

Before completing her BS in Marketing and another in Management, Danni worked as intern with DRiV.  “During my internship, I realized I loved working with data, analyzing it and translating it into meaningful information.  I think people would be surprised how fast paced data analysis is, or at least how fast paced it is here!”  Danni’s internship in 2015 quickly led to an offer of a full-time position. Currently, she is a Supply Chain Analyst – Project Lead.  Reflecting on her current role, Danni says, “I love working on special projects in supply chain.  The projects are interesting and they challenge me.  However, it’s the people I work with that make it a pleasure to work here.”