It was a quick journey from co-op to full-time Commodity Manager for Shivam.  He spent his first six months at DRiV in Purchasing, where Shivam said his experiences as a co-op were very rewarding.  “What really surprised me was the exposure and mentoring I received from the senior leadership of the company. I was humbled that executives would come to my desk, ask me questions and ask to hear my views.”

“I started out studying accounting and finance, but I didn’t love either field.  A friend of mine got me interested in Supply Chain Management.  Working in Supply Chain Management, I don’t sit at a computer all day.  I love the interaction and collaboration with customers, engineering and operations. Every day is different.”  

Recognizing his talent, Shivam received an offer to work full-time as a Purchasing Analyst.  Soon after, he received a promotion and is currently working as a Commodity Manager.  Shivam is busy managing commodity purchasing for three manufacturing plants.  “It wasn’t all smooth sailing,” Shivam admits, as there were a few challenges along the way. “At first, understanding automotive technology was a challenge.  The lingo is tough!  There is an acronym for everything.  My advice to future interns would be to get as much interaction with the senior leaders as possible. They are approachable, willing to pass along knowledge and open minded enough to hear new ideas.”