Before he started his full-time role as a Product Analyst in 2015, Donovan was as a marketing intern at DRiV. He has since earned his bachelor’s degree in General Management.   His internship with DRiV wasn’t his first: “I was an intern for a global paint manufacturer. While I appreciated the experience, the industry wasn’t the right fit for me.”  The automotive industry was calling.  Admittedly, not a “gear-head,” he found his career path in the automotive industry.  “I reached out to a friend who worked at the company.  I learned about the program, applied for a marketing internship and the rest is history.”  Donovan describes his time as an intern as a great learning experience.

Although he did have a strong automotive background, DRiV saw his enthusiasm and knew that couldn’t be taught.  When asked what he enjoyed most about his internship, Donovan said, “I loved how hands-on the program was.  My immediate supervisor said, ‘I will explain what our goal for the project is, but from there it’s yours to manage.’”  Donovan’s advice to new interns is to be confident.  He says interns should know “they hired you because they believe in your potential to do great things, so own it.”