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Interested in developing your career or improving your knowledge? Then the Garage Gurus Online flexible learning environment is perfect for you. 

The Garage Gurus offer high-quality, modular courses that are available 24/7 - and are all free of charge! 

Whether you’re starting your career or have 30 years’ of experience, the Garage Gurus Online has the perfect course for you to gain valuable insight and expand your knowledge. Plus, the platform is designed to be as convenient as possible, so you can fit your training needs around your work and personal life. 

Courses are uploaded and updated frequently, with a focus on regularly serviced automotive systems like chassis, braking, engine, steering, suspension, ignition and filter. 


Knowledge Center


Update your skills or discover something new. Browse through our learning modules, which range in difficulty from just getting started to diagnostic master classes.

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Kick back, relax and watch. Our video selection will show the best, easiest and quickest way to carry out a variety of maintenance tasks.

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Technical info

Looking for comprehensive technical specifications? Or more in-depth resources? This is the right place to look.

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Gurus On-Call
Need an answer fast? You need Gurus On-Call.
Our master technicians have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, and are just waiting for your question.

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Gurus Onsite
Fancy learning from our master technicians in a purpose-built training facility? Then Gurus Onsite is what you’re looking for.
The Garage Gurus bespoke facility uses hands-on, real world training to give you the tools to solve realistic, work-related challenges.

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Gurus On-the-Go
Want to teach your team about the latest tools, component solutions, technology and techniques? Contact Gurus On-the-Go.
Our mobile Gurus in their product technology vans provide interactive demonstrations for garages and workshops.

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