The one-time psychology major knew, as a teenager, she was a people person.  “I really enjoyed working with my church and other community-based organizations in high school.”  She thought psychology was the obvious choice for her.  “While I found aspects of studying psychology interesting, I realized it wasn’t the field I wanted to work in.”  It didn’t take long for Amanda to realize communications was a better fit for her.  She changed her major to Film, Video and Media studies and never looked back.   

Amanda is working as an intern in the Corporate Communications department.  While not her first internship (her first was with a local television station), Amanda says that she learned a lot, but that the internship involved more observation than hands on work.  “At DRiV, I’m doing more hands-on work than just observing.” Amanda is working on several projects, but one, in particular, has grabbed her interest.  “I was asked to work on new ways for Corporate Communications to keep employees informed about the company’s latest initiatives and strategies.  Corporate Communications wants to give people the information they need, but with a news hook or story to capture their attention and make it memorable.”  DRiV understands young people, like Amanda, play an important role in the future of the company. They help new ideas percolate and it is easy to see the value they bring to the organization.