From moving to a new country to solving complex design issues, Weiming, Engineering Specialist at DRiV, doesn’t shy away from a challenge.  As a young man, living in Wuhan, China, Weiming didn’t imagine himself making a home in the U.S. - although, now, he wouldn’t have it any other way.  After completing his Ph.D. in China, an automotive friction product manufacturer offered Weiming a position that brought him to the U.S.  He accepted the offer and never looked back.  Thirteen years later, he still takes pride in solving issues no one else can. “To this day, one of the most rewarding feelings I get is, when a vehicle manufacturer cannot solve a noise problem in a braking system, I can. I take pride in designing a product to be the best in its class.”

Currently, Weiming’s primary responsibility is to ensure DRiV friction products have world-class noise performance. “Most people would never guess how much effort we put into developing a brake pad. I love the challenges that come with every new program launch. My individual work is rewarding, but the relationships I have with my colleagues are just as important to me.”