Krista’s path to a career as a Graphic Designer wasn’t a straight one.  However, her inner artist couldn’t be denied.  She majored in Art History, but after graduating from college, worked in banking for 10 years.  “I couldn’t deny it anymore; I had to work in a creative field.” With her passion for design rekindled, she went back to school and studied graphic design.  While her journey included a few curves, ultimately all of her experiences prepared her for the career she has now.  “Studying art history, I learned to look at design from the perspective of context.  I don’t just make pretty pictures, I’m conscious of intent.”  It was from that point of view that Krista took on her most rewarding project to date at DRiV: working on the company’s Vision, Mission, and Values.  “It’s rewarding to see my designs help the company communicate on a global basis.” Krista works on the Creative Media team.  From social media content to technical how-to videos, advertisements and a host of other creative media, the team helps DRiV speak to its customers and employees in ways that ensure its messages are memorable.