Social Responsibility 

Global Community Outreach

DRiV is part of DRiV LLC, where we are united in our mission to preserve the environment and conserve resources. As a global organization, we are committed to supporting local communities and enabling a healthier and more productive world.  Our goals are to engage in practices that promote environmental stewardship and employee health and safety, actively enhance the neighborhoods in which we work and live, and develop innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and particulate matter.


Product innovation emphasizes quality, safety, reliability and performance. Recent new offerings include new Wagner® OEX brake pads which provide up to 50 feet more stopping distance* and Ferodo® Eco-Friction® brakes, engineered with environmentally sensitive materials ahead of anticipated future heavy metal legislation. In addition, DRiV continues to make considerable investment in onsite, online and on-demand training for vehicle repair technicians to help them keep their skills current in the installation of replacement parts. DRiV also has undertaken to help educate consumers about the importance of differentiating among the range of available replacement parts through its ongoing Parts MatterTM online awareness campaign.

*Results based on 60 mph post-fade performance testing, conducted by Link Engineering Company, comparing Wagner brake pads to competitors’ pads on the 2014 F-150, 2011 Toyota RAV4 and 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe.

Over the past few years, products from DRiV have earned recognition from PACE, The Auto Care Association, The Automotive Communication Council, The Car Care Council Woman’s Board and many others.


At DRiV, we are a vital part of the communities in which we work and live. Our employees across the globe participate in local charitable initiatives, ranging from volunteering their time toward fundraising and collecting for local food banks, to hosting blood drives, supporting schools and hospitals, to improving living conditions in rural areas and helping the environment through organized clean-up efforts and reforestation campaigns.

As a company, we support the important work of non-profit organizations that provide disaster relief, and we encourage our employees to participate in outreach activities. We are also proud supporters of local first responders and military veterans, and regularly engage with a variety of local programs in the countries in which we operate. 

DRiV is passionate about educational issues for children of all ages, around the world, and participates in mentoring programs to aid at-risk students with their schooling.  Globally, for example, we have volunteered to restock libraries, build schools and teach classes to help students achieve their educational goals.  We also have many location-specific programs to reward our employees’ children for outstanding academic performance.


In 2013, we established a 3-year target to achieve a 3% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by the end of 2016. As of 2015, we exceeded our target by more than 3%, normalized by production levels.

How are we achieving these results? From simple changes, such as increasing the use of LED lighting and heating and cooling improvements, to shutdown procedures for manufacturing equipment while not in use  Each of these measures contributes to reduced electrical and stationary power emissions. When you multiply these changes by our 115+ manufacturing facilities around the world, the numbers add up – in 2015 we reduced our GHG emissions by 6% compared to our baseline.  As an environmentally- conscious corporation, DRiV has been actively engaged for more than 10 years in energy reduction actions.  These actions have resulted in reduced GHG emissions; in addition, we have been reporting climate change data to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) since 2012.

DRiV’s commitment to the environment is not solely limited to the development of sustainable engine technologies that reduce emissions. The company was among the first in the world to introduce a complete line of low- and zero-copper brake pads more than ten years ahead of mandated legislation to phase out the use of copper due to its adverse environmental impact. To date, more than 2.5 million vehicles throughout the world have been equipped with the company’s Eco-Friction® branded brake pads.

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