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to help you avoid warranty issues


Quality products with comprehensive cover

Garage Gurus is brought to you by DRiV – the same people who are behind some of the most well-known brands whose parts you use day-in, day-out to repair customers’ vehicles.

The many components that Garage Gurus promotes and provides training on are some of the best available. They are manufactured to OE specification at the very least and their quality is the result of our significant investment in research, design and manufacturing.

Such is the quality of our parts that they come with a comprehensive warranty of up to three years (dependent on the individual component) – giving you the peace-of-mind that your repairs will leave your customers completely satisfied.




Helping you to prevent warranty issues

Garage Gurus is here to help you avoid any warranty issues that might arise through human error.

When parts have been returned under warranty, a closer inspection often determines that the failure is to do with how the part has been fitted, or there is a problem with its associated components, rather than the new replacement part. For example, directional brake pads may have been fitted the wrong way or new brake pads might have been damaged because worn discs were not replaced at the same time.

With guidance from Garage Gurus you can eliminate the chances of incorrectly installing a component, enabling you to efficiently complete the repair to the highest standard, avoid customer complaints and saving you from having to undertake the job again. 


If there is an issue while installing

Of course, if you did not succeed in avoiding an issue with a part while installing or right after, then we are also here to help. We have a dedicated technical call centre that can efficiently answer your query and provide advice. Depending on your region, you can contact us on the numbers below:

EMEA Toll-free numbers: 



+800-29 12 2




0810 000 029    /

















   Saudi Arabia


   South Africa
0800 981 291









   United Kingdom


EMEA paid numbers: 

   Paid Number English/ German/ French/ Italian/ Spanish
+34 911 08 54 08



If there is an issue with a part

It could happen ultimately there is an issue with one of our products.  To return a product which fails (other than through fair wear and tear) simply contact our local DRiV Customer Services Team for a Returns Authorisation Document and a claim Number. They will explain our returns procedure. We will deal with your claim with no fuss, delays or problems. We believe in the quality of DRiV products which is why we are more than happy to back them up with our warranty policy. Like the products themselves – it is nice to know you can rely on it if you have to. 

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